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Things that need your attention the most when building your own home


For many people, the mere thought of actually upping sticks from their current dwelling is a daunting but admittedly exciting task that can bring joy and apprehension as you try to find that property that neatly includes everything that you and your family have been looking for in your home for so long. And this process is laborious enough when dealing with property inspectors and banks and mortgage advisors and a whole host of other people and red tape that you have to wade through in order to secure finance or find the right property in the first place. So imagine the kinds of headaches that come with trying to actually build your house from, the ground up!

While it’s a great way to potentially save money and get the house of your dreams all at the same time, however it requires an inordinate amount of planning and ideally, the correct people to help you get every aspect of the job done to the highest standards of quality and to ensure that the structure is both structurally secure and properly connected to all of the utilities that you and your family will need. So let’s take a look at a few of the more important things that you need to bear in mind when going through this process.

Location and Utilities


Now many of us have grand dreams of getting away from the rat race for good and striking out to9 live a more independent and carefree life in the country with our families. And while it’s a very romantic sounding and nice idea to have, you have to bear in mind, particularly if you want to buy your own land and build on it, that being more remote that the city where things are more centrally located for convenience will meant that shipments of the necessary equipment and supplies that you require to actually get your building project off the ground so to speak become more logistically difficulty the further await from the city that you get.

Also something to bear in mind when actually purchasing your land would be to make sure that the plot you are planning on buying is able to be easily connected to both the power and water supplies without a whole lot of modification to be done to the existing power grid, as you could imagine commissioning the power board to extend their services all the way to such a remote location would be difficulty and extremely expensive to do. And the same applies to any gas or internet services you wanted to have hooked up to the home.



This is something that is absolutely essential that you have done by a fully above board and qualified tradesmen. Electrics are not only a dangerous game for those who actively work with and repair these items and systems but they are also a potential ongoing hazard for your home if not installed in the correct way. As you know, electricity not only holds a risk of electrocution (hence the name) but if improperly installed and left unmaintained they can actually pose a property significant fire hazard as well.

So it’s vital that when you first have the wiring for your homes fixtures and fittings installed that you do your research on the individual companies and only consider quotes from the best qualified and relevantly insured electrical contractors to handle this work for you, otherwise you run the risk of having work done by people who may not be in the best position to advise and repair any of their work in the future.




A house can’t be built straight on top of the soil as I’m sure you’re aware and before any foundations can be cut, a structural engineer must be consulted to run a few tests on the ground to establish its stability and a bedrock depth must be established to start this work in earnest. As exciting as the prospect of truly getting started on your home is and how much you want to see those foundations cut, failure to do this may leave you with a subsiding house that can potentially become damaged and unstable and requiring significant and expensive work to be carried out in order to correct it. And more expense is the last thing you want after all of the money you’ve already paid to build the structure itself.

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