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How to tell if a café is worth its salt


Nothing can beat hanging out at a favored caffeine haunt with some good friends, hanging out, enjoying the atmosphere and engaging in some intellectual debate. Or just some natter about the latest soap. Most of the time this place will be a café of some description, be that a coffee shop, tea room or sandwich shop. Either way finding yourself a favorite coffee spot or café in a massive city like Perth isn’t exactly easy to do with the amount of them dotted around and choosing between two who seem like they would offer the same quality at similar prices can often come down to a few different factors.

It’s something that you should really put some thought into; after all, you will be supporting this business by buying there regularly and you should expect at least a certain few things to be just right for the money you will be parting with. Obviously the more expensive the items they sell the more they should really be justifying their costs. So let’s look at some important quality markers of these kinds of establishments.



This should really be the main factor that dictates where you should spend your money. After all if for what you pay for a sit-down cup of coffee doesn’t incentivize them to keep their premises in an orderly clean and hygienic state for their customers to enjoy, then why should they get your money? Generally these establishments charge a premium for sit-down drinks and therefore should be able to provide these patrons with the level of cleanliness and comfort that they are paying extra to enjoy.  If a coffee shop is not comfortable or clean then why would you drink a coffee in there?

Tables should be cleared as soon as possible after a group of guests leave. The tables should be wiped down regularly and any spilled milk or sugar in the area that they are handed out should be cleaned away. Also be sure to take a look at your chair before you sit in it as these can often be the harbor of errant cake crumbs, moldy sandwich crusts from previous customers’ children and loose change as this is a quick way to ruin your nice new coat. If any of these things seem to be under par then maybe it’s worth looking elsewhere.



Coffee shops are innovating all the time, what went from a simple American style coffee with milk and sugar has evolved and developed into a wide array of different sugar filled flavors and methods of serving and making these drinks. From frozen ice, coffee, cream and caramel blends to more exotic fare such as matcha green tea coffee smoothies. The possibilities that can be produced by a barista these days are immense, however, if your chosen spot seems to have a slight lax then this shows that they aren’t very innovative or adventurous and are not likely to change the menu very often.

I mean if you are only ever planning on drinking a flat white with sugar and a slice of toast then that’s fine. However for the more adventurous out there you should really be looking at a café that at least provide selection in types of coffee or how they serve it.

Luckily, many different cafes and coffee shops are aware of this growing trend for variation and a lot of them are always actively seeking new ways they can innovate and switch their menus around to keep their customers excited. Many will do this by having a monthly special or some other kind of limited edition drink that is only available for a short time. They then gauge their success and possibly add them as a permanent menu item if it proves to be popular. Also a restaurant the innovates is more likely to innovate their premises as well, ensuring that you don’t get bored of the same old look and that the furniture and furnishing do not become worn out and unappealing

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this article. We hope you can now choose a new coffee spot or café with confidence. In Perth, because there is such a variety of cafes to choose from, it can be hard to nail down a regular. Please follow this link to find out more about a great Victoria Park café.

Paul Alana

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