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5 Things to Consider Before Moving to the Countryside


Moving to the countryside is quite a big life decision and one that can change your life in the most unimaginable ways. However, it is important to do your research and be certain that it is definitely the right move for you before going ahead and doing so. It’s too big a change to rush into, so if you’re giving it some thought, then give this a quick read whilst you’re here.


1 – First consider why you want to go rural

The first step should be to really think about why you want to go rural. Think about what your driving force is, and what you’d miss about the city life. You must also consider your children, or how often you will be able to see friends and family. If you weigh up your reasons, and the pros & cons, and you’re still set on living in the countryside, then it’s likely the step for you. However, there are other factors to cover first.

2 – New build homes might be limited

Depending on where you want to move to, you may find that there are limitations in turns of new-build properties. If you’re happy to move into an older property (which of course, comes with a list of pitfalls that you must think about), then you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a place. However, luxury property developments in the country are hard to come across.

3 – You won’t be able to “nip down the shops”

Certainly, there are some well-optimised property developments that are situated relatively close to some local shops, or perhaps the village that you are looking at has a shop nearby. However, for the most part, doing your weekly shop is going to require going further afield. Another thing that you might miss, is being able to pop down the road at midnight to pick up some supplies, as the local shops will be closed. Thus, you’ll need to drive through the country lanes at night in order to find a store or petrol station that is open. However, this is only a minor thing. It just means that you must be careful with your shopping and always keep everything that you need in the house.

4 – Houses can sometimes be more expensive

It really depends on the type of property that you are going for, however buying a house in the countryside can be very expensive. If you buy a new build, you will find that it is often and almost certainly cheaper than the big cities. However, buying an older property or a cottage with a large garden could end up costing you a lot more. Again, you just have to weigh up the pros & cons depending on what you want.


5 – Local amenities

One thing that you may miss, is having so much going on around you. Then again, that’s likely one of the reasons why you want to get away! In any case, when moving to the countryside, you must do as much research into the location as possible so that you are certain there are enough things to do. This is so that you can ensure that there are the amenities that you rely on, close enough to you.


For the most part, there are so many benefits to living in the countryside. However, there are a few pitfalls that you should be entirely aware of before making the move. In any case, if you’ve read the few examples listed above and it hasn’t put you off, then you should go for it!


Paul Alana

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