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How to Start Enjoying Cooking


Have you always wanted to cook, but never really found enjoyment in it? Perhaps you’ve always liked the idea of the end result, but take no pleasure in the process, or maybe it’s the fact that you’re not happy with your kitchen or don’t think that you can afford to cook? Whatever the case, we’re going to share some tips on how to enjoy the process and make it worth your while.

Invest in your kitchen

A common cause of people not wanting to cook, or rather, not enjoying it, is the fact that their kitchen is dated, fallen into disrepair, or simply unorganised. As such, it is worth investing in your kitchen, in order to get it into a state in which you can be proud of and enjoy. Look for an established design company such as Kitchen Essence, to create and install a beautiful new kitchen for you to begin your cooking journey in. This is the first step! Of course, if you’re already really satisfied with your kitchen, then skip this and get ready to get your cook on.

1 – Clear all surfaces

You don’t want to be cooking in a cluttered space, as it will only add to your stress. A clear countertop will mean a clear mind, and this will contribute greatly towards enjoying the cooking process.

2 – Cook healthy and nutritious foods

Part of the enjoyment in cooking is the reward at the end. So, if you want to enjoy it more, try cooking some healthy dishes that will make you feel good and ultimately healthier. Knowing that a dish is good for you and your family provides an awesome incentive to get started.

3 – Buy fresh ingredients

There’s no greater incentive to cook than by buying fresh ingredients to cook with. This will motivate you to get everything into the pan as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the nutritious dish whilst everything is beautiful and fresh.

4 – Buy a high-quality kitchen knife

Cooking with a blunt knife is not only dangerous, but terribly difficult. By investing in a brand-new knife, you’ll be able to dice your veggies with speed and precision, without hurting yourself (provided that you know how to use it of course). Follow the link for tips on how to use a kitchen knife properly.

5 – Start cooking with recipes and that you love

Remember that old dish that your grandma used to make, and you absolutely loved? Why not try remake it for yourself? No, it’s not going to be anywhere near as good, but you’ll have fun cooking it and the nostalgia will be worth it! Or, why not look up some new and exciting recipes that you fancy trying?

6 – Take pride in your presentation

If you take pride in your presentation, you’ll enjoy cooking more for the end result. Putting together a beautiful, colourful dish can be a great incentive to help you enjoy cooking more often.

7 – Be confident

Have faith in yourself and your ability to follow simple instructions. If you have a recipe, provided that you pay attention and follow them, you shouldn’t have any issues creating a delicious dish!

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