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Events: You’re Only as Strong as the Crew Around You


What constitutes a quality event? Is it the venue? The showmanship of the MC? The presentation of the food? Whilst one could argue that there are many factors that make an event memorable, but to be honest: you’re only as strong as your crew. It’s your event staff that will make or break the event for you. You could have the finest venue, the most incredible entertainment and a boat load of incredibly patient and laid-back guests who are easy to please; if you don’t have a strong crew, then you’re destined to fail.

But don’t let that set you off into a panic! That’s not to say that finding quality staff to assist you when hosting your event. In fact, there are many dedicated companies out there who find and supply the finest talent on the market, and the best part? Is that you can hire them for your event!

Event staff specialise in events

Searching for staff to help with your event isn’t always as easy as you might think. This is why you’re better off going through a company like First Class Crew: because they will have a wealth of quality staff who specialise in precisely what you’re looking for. It could be anything from the AV (audio visual) aspect of your event, to the catering and waiting; FCC will have them on board.

You can’t hire any old person to help you just because they’ve worked in a restaurant before. When hosting an event that you want to be off the rails awesome; you’ll need to hire the very best! People who do this day in and day out.

Save money when hiring temporary

Unless you’re putting on an event every single week, it won’t be viable for you to have a huge team of event staff on the books. You should only be paying for the time that they are working, why is why hiring event staff is the way forward. That way, you can find a specialist unit for your event, and then not have to worry about paying their wages for the two/three weeks out of the month that you won’t need them. And don’t worry! If you end up with a solid team and want to use them again, you can! Just make sure that you book them in for the next event as soon as possible as the best staff tend to be snapped up incredibly quickly (finding premium event staff isn’t always easy).


Don’t leave anything to chance! Why hire and train employees for an event, when you can skip the nonsense and go straight to having an experienced crew back you up? Events are stressful enough as it is so do yourself a favour and afford yourself a little peace of mind by hiring the best.

Paul Alana

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