Hello, I am Carlos Castaneda. I live in Queensland, Australia and founded Carlos Castaneda Events Management. Now I am just a retiree and voicing my thoughts on various happenings around the world. I also do write some tips and thoughts on how to do things based on my own experiences and knowledge.

I was originally from Spain and emigrated to Australia in 2003. So far, I am enjoying my life here in Australia.

My main hobby is to fish and travel. Considering my age, I am pretty easy-going.

I hope you enjoy my blog posts, because that is where all my treats will be.


Carlos’s Amazing Treats

Welcome to Carlo’s Amazing Treats

Here I will share with you my thoughts on interesting subjects and topics that may or may not be to your interest. You can expect a wide variety of subjects being covered on this blog as you know, i’m a bit nosy. You are always welcome to contact me for any questions and also, do share any article you find interesting as you pleased.