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5 Things Pool ‘less People Dream Of, That Pool Owners Take for Granted

swimming pool

Are you a swimming pool owner? Do you take extra good care of it, clean and maintain it and use it on a daily basis? Good for you, because you’re one in a million! The sad reality is that most people who own a pool tend to get a little lazy after a while. In the beginning, it’s all fun and games, but as the novelty wears off, the pool cleaner gets called less often, the garden BBQ’s happen less frequently, and before you know it the swimming pool is falling into disrepair.

It’s a terrible shame, particularly for those of us who don’t own a swimming pool! In this article, we’re going to talk about the 5 main things that people who don’t own a swimming pool dream about, which pool owners take for granted!

Swimming Pool 1 – A refreshing early morning swim, every single day!

Coming from somebody who doesn’t own a swimming pool, I can safely say that I regularly fantasize about having a swimming pool and getting up early every morning for a couple of lengths. It would be the perfect way to start your day, followed by a nice healthy breakfast and a cup of coffee. But how many swimming pool owners do you think to get out of bed and utilise them as often? If at all?

2 – Late night drunken swims

Another thing that we pool ‘less folk often dream about, is having a pool party whenever you feel like it! You’ve got your friends over, you’ve had a gorgeous dinner with your favourite people, it’s getting onto midnight and you’ve polished off a bottle of wine or two…you’re feeling a little fluffy! Then you and your friends decide it’s time to have a laugh and a joke in the swimming pool! Why not! You own one, it’s been kept in great condition and you can do whatever you want!

3 – Pushing your partner in when they do your head in

Oh, what I’d give to have a swimming pool. Would that I could, I’d grab my girlfriend, pick her up and launch her into the swimming pool whenever she’s winding me up! Wouldn’t that be fun? And they would try to get us back of course…and they would struggle.

4 – Hosting BBQ pool-parties

If I owned a swimming pool, I’d have all of my friends and family over at least once a month for a massive feast / drunken fiesta! We’d all have fun, laugh and enjoy the swimming pool together.

5 – Buy a massive floating unicorn and sunbathe all day

If I owned a swimming pool, I’d be out floating around on my unicorn with an ice-cold drink in my hand all day. I would be lord of the unicorns, prince of the pool, and no one would disturb me!


We’re dreamers! We pool ‘less people must have our heads in the clouds. Or is it that some pool owners are lazy and take what they have for granted? Who knows! In any case, if your swimming pool as been left to fall into disrepair, then you must get it renovated immediately. Think about how fortunate you are to have access to such a treasure, whenever you want! So, afford it the care and consideration that it deserves, call up a reliable company and get it back into the condition that it was in when you first bought the house! If not for you, or the pool, do it for all of us who can only dream about owning one!

swimming pool

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