A Brief Introduction to Aluminium Walk Boards


aluminiumWhat are they?

Walk boards, also known as planks are used as a foot access or ramp from one place to another and are seen as a solution for manual loading and trolley moving in numerous industries. They can be made out of steel, plywood, aluminium or a combination of the latter two! The walk boards we are looking at today are manufactured out of aluminium, much like the ones you can find on SureWeld.

Aluminium has fantastic properties

Aluminium is one of the most common metals found on Earth and is gaining popularity in its production and use in everyday objects. Little wonder when it has so much going for it:

loading rampIt’s lightweight

This is one of the most advantageous features about aluminium. It has a low density to high strength ratio, enabling it to withstand heavy weights and impact. That’s why it’s such a great material for a walk board what with it having so many different applications. The light weight means that it’s an easily transported and accessible piece of equipment, unlike some steel or iron alternatives.

It’s durable

An aluminium walk board is often subjected to a lot of wear and tear due to the nature of its purpose which is why this material is ideal. Aluminium is perfect for use outside as it can withstand harsh weather conditions and corrosion thanks to it having a natural oxide coating.

Aluminium walk boards can be used for many applications

They are seen as a safe and convenient accessory in numerous locations and businesses. Removal vans, food transport companies, event organisers, cleaning services, emergency vehicles and commercial equipment hire are just to name a few of the industries that benefit from using an aluminium walk board. They are notably used when transportation of goods or access to a particular setting is at an elevated level, such as a stage or entrance to a lorry. They are favoured as safety measure in scaffold towers on construction sites where workers are often suspended at considerable height.

They have plenty of features to fit your needs

There are a range of designs of walk boards that can be found on the market. They can come in different lengths and widths, and even come in extendable forms! Some can be folded to preserve space. Many have a tread surface or special finish to provide a firm and slip-free foothold in case of undesirable weather conditions. Check out SureWeld‘s ramp board which has an angled foot gradient so there is no hazard of tripping up. Attachment to the other equipment can be done either by hooks at the end of each plank or with a steel pin connection.

Now you know!

Hopefully you have gained a bit more insight into the purpose and features of aluminium walk boards and you can make an informed decision when purchasing one. Make sure you find out which model will fit your needs and function, so that you can apply it correctly and securely. Remember – safety first!

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