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Crazy-Sweet Facts about Candy


Do you love candy? We love candy, everybody loves candy. There are few who don’t, some who won’t, but for the most part: those that do. Candy is great when you’re feeling down and even better when you’re already on a high. Candy is great to give as a gift, it’s even better to receive, and it never fails to put smiles on faces. It’s the number one currency for getting your children to do things, and it can be used to bribe your partner as well. Simply put, candy is the lifeblood of our society. Which is why we’re going to share some crazy-sweet facts about candy for you today.

1 – Americans buy 600 million pounds of the stuff, on average, each year for Halloween!

Halloween is a wonderful time of year, where children get dressed up into the spookiest outfits, and go around collecting as many sweets as they can. But we didn’t realise quite how much candy Americans consumed on this holiday. 600 million pounds worth, is the equivalent to 16 of the largest ocean liners in the world.

2 – The number one Halloween treat is chocolate

Candy of any description is pretty darn awesome, but you really can’t beat chocolate. As such, chocolate is the most popular choice of Halloween candy.

3 – Milky way bars weren’t named after the galaxy

Most people assume that the Milky Way chocolate bar was named after our galaxy, however that is not the case. Instead, it was named after a popular malt shake that people used to drink in the 1920’s. That said, the malt drink was likely named after the galaxy so…. indirectly it was.

4 – Snickers was named after a horse

Everyone’s favourite nutty chocolate bar was in fact, named after a horse, Snickers! That, and it is actually the most popular chocolate bar in the world. That’s nuts!

5 – Soldiers love Tootsie Rolls

During WW2, the Tootsie Roll became part of a soldier’s ration pack. I’m sure you can imagine that a little chocolate was a great lifter of moods during those dark times.

6 – Ancient Mayans used to chew gum

Picture a moody Mayan teenager chewing gum, whilst rolling their eyes at their parents asking them if they’ve completed their chores. It could well have been a reality, as ancient Mayans used to chew gum from the Sapodilla tree!

7 – Rock candy, is it worth the wait?

Rock candy can take anywhere from two days, up to a week to make. The question is: is it worth the wait?

8 – The Japanese love their KitKats!

So much so in fact, that since being introduced in Japan in the year 2000, KitKat have released over 200 different flavours, from Wasabi, to Matcha Tea!

Can’t get enough?

If you’re a big lover of candy and have a bit of a sweet tooth, then find a reputable online store like Candy Kitchen, and you can order your own custom treats! Perfect!

Paul Alana

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