Why You Need to Hire a Promo Girl for Your Event

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Why hire promotional girls for your company’s upcoming promotional event? Well, a good promotional model can bring life and excitement to your trade show booth. Promotional models are also ideal for promotional events because they have experience working at a variety of promotional settings such as: trade shows, conventions, special events, golf tournaments, and expos.

But the most important benefit of hiring promotional models is their ability to engage in conversation with attendees until a sales representative takes over. Not only does this help your company close more trade show sales, but promotional models also help to create a warm first impression for all of your customers.

What’s the Difference between a Promo Model and Brand Ambassador?

You may wonder what the difference is between a Promo Model and Brand Ambassador, are they the same thing? It can get a little confusing…technically, yes and no. All promo models can be brand ambassadors, but not all brand ambassadors can be promo models. “Brand Ambassador” is a term that covers all types of event staff including street teams, promotional staff, event staff, trade show hosts and hostess. They usually just wear a branded t-shirt for the event. Promo models usually need to match a physical requirement to fit into the premade uniforms and usually require more experience with trade shows and engaging customers.

Why you should hire a promo girl for your next event!

  • First Impression – First impressions are everything. They can literally make or break your brand’s reputation at an event. At trade shows, with so many booths and limited time to spend, attendees have to quickly select which brands they want to see. Draw attendees to your trade show booth through a warm, bubbly greeting from an experienced promo girl. With the help of good promo models, you can set the tone for your product and also reflect your company’s style.
  • Memorable Marketing – When it comes to trade shows and events, hiring skilled promo girls can help maintain the interest of attendees by providing them with valuable information about your brand or product in a fun way. This is an excellent and effective marketing technique. Of course, it’s important to have thorough information printed out for attendees to take home, but nothing leaves more of a lasting impression than a charming promo girl who can provide brand information in a personal manner.
  • Expand your clientele – A potential client is more likely to remember a personal encounter with a stunning, articulate model, than a printed advertisement. Models can create a buzz or get people talking about your product. Promotional models are trained professionals in this field; they possess the skills and experience necessary to generate a greater number of leads from the attendees.


All in all, hiring experienced promo girls to your event booth can be an effective marketing tool. They are not only the face of your product but also the difference between a lasting impression and one that will be forgotten tomorrow.

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