Things to consider when opening a tattoo shop


Tattoos stretch back to the dawn of mankind’s earliest cultures and are the result of embedding ink or other colorful substances into the skin in order to create the desired pattern or image. And over the years their popularity has only surged with them over the years bestowing meanings from what job you had to what tribe or family you belonged to, what celebrities you like, and some people these days even get the logos of their favorite fast food restaurant. Talk about dynamic advertising! Subsequently due to their rise in popularity there are more tattoo shops than ever.


That’s why it’s important that if you are looking at opening a new parlor that you take a keen interest in all parts of not only your business but your competitors as well. It can be a fast changing and ever innovating industry as well as when you factor in that different styles of tattoos come in and out of fashion, it’s no wonder such a large percentage of shops fail in the first year.  However there are ways that you can prioritize the most important aspects to focus on. So let’s take a look at some of them.


One of the most critical factors that need to be considered before all else is the approach that your parlor will take when it comes to maintaining a high level of hygiene in order to provide safe, clean and infection free tattoos for your clients. There are many things that need to be considered and while your tattooist should have been taught how to perform sterilization and to effectively keep the tattoo clean as he works, but as the store’s owner it’s up to you to provide the equipment and draw up the official store regulations and code of conduct. Poor hygiene standards can ruin a store’s standing within the “Ink” community in their town overnight.

So it’s important that you consider the procedure that you expect you tattooists to adhere to whenever they put needle to the skin and how this will improve hygiene standards. Remember that all aspects of hygiene are important from proper sterilization of equipment, to cleaning the area of the body where the tattoo will be and of course cleaning and sterilizing the wound caused by the needle throughout. It is also your responsibility to provide your tattooists with all of the safety equipment they require to not only keep their clients infection free but also to protect their own health. Things like vinyl gloves and facemasks should be provided by the shop. Please click the following link for more information on a vinyl gloves supplier .


One of the major draws to you studio in general will be the quality of the tattoos that you provide. Tattoos in a way are marketing into themselves as often times people will ask somebody “oh where did you get that from” and then they go on to recommend a particular studio and how happy they were with the work, further increasing the reach of your parlor. However when looking for and acquiring talent its important to remember that you not only need to find a tattooist that can provide you clients with the quality and style they are looking for but also to add to the parlors reputation as a whole.

When you are looking into hiring tattoo artists, the first thing you will want to see is that they are punctual, polite and have at the very least completed an apprenticeship with an established tattoo artist. This will tell you what level of skill they have and what kind of styles they are used to working with. You will then want to ask to see a few examples of their work, ideally by high quality picture and most tattooists will come pre-equipped with a portfolio of all of their best work. When discussing remuneration, remember that while you are in an advantageous position with the amount of tattooists looking for stable work out there, that good talent will leave you or not take your offer if they don’t think that you are being fair or are holding this over them to save money on staff wages, so be smart and offer a fair deal for fair work.


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