Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Good Tax Accountant 


Tax is one of those things that we simply have to put up with in life; no one enjoys dealing with it and no one enjoys paying it, but it is a fundamental part of our society that plays an essential role in all of our lives.  However, just because we have to respect the presence of the taxation system, that doesn’t mean we have to be taken advantage of by it.  Quite the contrary in fact as the system is designed to be as fair as possible, but it is also very complex which inevitably results in people not always paying the right amounts, things being overlooked or incorrect figures being generated.

accountant Doing your taxes

If those three words fill you with dread, don’t worry you’re not alone!  Doing your taxes is time consuming and stressful; it is something that many people will put off until the last minute and then rush through in a panic.  Obviously, this is not the best system to have, especially if you find dealing with taxes confusing as the rush will only make things worse.  Making sure things are done accurately and with a fine attention to detail can make all the difference, especially if you run your own business.

Can’t someone else do it?

Five words that were severely overused by Homer Simpson when dealing with the government on one occasion, but getting someone else to handle your taxes and accounts is a very good idea.  If you were to find a reliable tax accountant, then there is every chance that they could save you far more than they cost.  Even if this turns out not to be the case, surely the reduction in the stress and the pressure you feel each year is worth the extra expense.



The biggest thing you need to consider if you choose to go down this road is to find a tax accountant that you know is dependable and appropriate.  This might sound a little odd, but not all tax is the same and as such finding a corporate tax accountant for domestic taxes is probably a bad fit.  Assuming you find some accountants that operate in the correct kind of tax, how can you choose between them?  Well one of the best ways is by experience.  This means experience in the field, so have they been doing this for a long time or are they new to the business; a factor that will influence their price as well.  Beyond that, a good recommendation is probably the most useful tool you will find, but it is always worth being wary of those who promise the earth.  Unless there have been serious mistakes on your tax accounts over the years, a windfall refund is incredibly unlikely and anyone who promises one is most likely overselling themselves.  Take this with a pinch of salt and don’t be afraid to shop around as there is a good selection of professionals out there who can do a great job for you; you just need to find one that fits your needs.

Paul Alana

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