Is Noise Pollution Stressing Your Employees Out?  

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The short answer is yes! But in this post, we’re going to explore the detrimental effects that a noisy environment can have on your employees. If this is something that is a concern to you, then look for a reputable and reliable company such as Alpha Ceilings and Partitions and you will be overcome the issue. It’s as simple as finding a way to break up the noise and create a more comfortable environment for your staff to thrive in. Let’s have a look:

 partition room 1 – Noise effects productivity

The fact is, an open-plan office might not be as great as you think. Without any soundproofing or partitions to break the noise up, your employees will be competing to hear themselves thing. Every conversation will be audible throughout the office, and as people try to hear themselves speak, they invariably speak louder until a cacophony of noise fills your office.
This will ultimately effect employee productivity as they will have to spend more mental resources on blocking out distractions and focusing on their work. Yes, it helps to have a more open plan office, but something as simple as installing a partition between each workstation can drastically improve performance.

2 – Noise = stress and poor health

The last thing you want is for your employees to work in a stressful environment. Often, it’s hard enough as it is having to keep up with deadlines and meet certain expectations without having to compete with a noisy environment. Noise pollution can trigger your bodies stress response and if this is happening on a daily basis then it will take its toll over time.

And it’s not just the stress factor. Noise can have a terribly detrimental effect on employee health and has even been linked to heart disease & hypertension. So, if you want your employees to be happier and healthier, then you need to do something about it. This can only benefit you, with fewer sick days in the long run.

office partition

3 – Appropriate soundproofing and partitioning reduces the number of mistakes made

When it comes to employee communication, audibility is important. The number of mistakes that are made in an office environment because members of staff can’t quite hear instructions given to them or mishear information due to distraction is shocking.

By installing the appropriate level of soundproofing and offering partitioning between workstations, you will significantly reduce the number of mistakes made. This is because instructions will be audible and outside conversations will not be half as distracting to others.


It’s worth a try at the very least. The best thing about installing partitions in an open-plan office is that it’s easy and affordable. In addition to that, they’re flexible and can be switched around relatively effortlessly. So, you can trial it and see how your employees perform over time. We guarantee that you will notice a positive change in their behaviour.

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