The Latest Car Audio Trends


Driving in silence is arguably one of the most traumatic things you’ll ever have to go through. It should be outlawed! Everyone behind the wheel should be listening to their favourite tunes. It keeps you alert and makes the experience all the more enjoyable.  

If love driving with quality sound and your favourite playlist, then you’ll want to stay up to date on the latest car audio trends. Which is why we’re going to explore some of the latest audio gadgets for you to check out!  

1 – Speaker-less car audio (turn your interior into one ‘super-speaker’)  

This new innovation is incredible, as it reduces the overall weight of a vehicles internal sound system by up to 90%! So, not only will you be investing in a clearer sound, but you’ll be getting more mileage out of your car as well. It’s a win-win! 

So, how does it work? Well, your speakers are replaced by ‘actuators’ (sound transducers, very similar to those in an actual speaker). These are then placed behind various panels in your car, creating sound vibrations which are then carried by the surfaces of your car interior, throughout.  

This is definitely the future of car audio systems! Before long, we will all be driving our own portable audio devices.  

2 – Android Auto / CarPlay and Voice Command  

Gone are the days of having to take your eyes off the road to change a song or redirect your route on the SatNav. In fact, with Android Auto and CarPlay, you can pretty much do anything you want. 

 You can make an urgent phone call or let your friends know that you’ll be slightly late to dinner due to traffic. If you’re having a debate in the car and can’t settle it? Ask your Android and they’ll settle it for you. Can’t think of the name of a song you love but know the lyrics? Sing it to your Android, find out and then put it on! This is the future.  

3 – The power of Spotify  

OK, so Spotify has been around for many years, and with AUX cables and Bluetooth it’s been easier enough to link your phone up to your car. However, Spotify has come through leaps and bounds and combined with the power of voice activation / Android Auto: it’s got even better.  

All you need is to ask your phone for a driving playlist, and it will put on the most popular driving songs, put together and voted for by the people. It’s a pretty cool feature and generally, you’ll end up hearing some old classics you’d forgotten all about and discovering new belter’s you’ve never heard!  

4 – Soundproofing your vehicle  

Another popular trend at the moment is soundproofing your vehicle. This is a great way to get the highest quality audio out of your sound-system by reducing the amount of outside interference. Additionally, if you don’t want to play your music relatively loud, but you don’t want to disturb too many people with the noise, this is a great way to alleviate some of the sound coming from your car.  

If you’re interested in soundproofing your vehicle or upgrading your sound system; then you should check out a reputable vehicle audio specialist such as Xtreme Car Audio. Have a shop around and see what’s available! There’s plenty of quality gadgets out there for you to take advantage of!  

Paul Alana

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