The Physical & Mental Health Benefits of Camping that You might Not Have Known About


Camping is an awful lot of fun and can be a brilliant way to bring friends and family together, to celebrate in a natural environment. Whilst it is a very popular past time, it is still something which is incredibly underrated.

Each year, people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to go away and sit on a beach, where for just a fraction of the cost they could experience something truly unforgettable.

In this article, we’re going to look at the physical & mental health benefits of camping, some of which you might not have known about!

Fresh air is good for the soul

One of the best things about going camping is being able to breathe in a lung-full of fresh air with every breath. High-quality oxygen produced by the thousands of trees surrounding you. It’s impossible not to feel amazing after immersing yourself in such an environment.

Plenty of cardio and exercise

Whilst there is plenty of relaxing to be done on a camping trip, you will invariably get a lot of exercise throughout your time in the wilderness. This is because much of your time will be spent going on nice walks and hikes, swimming in the lakes & rivers, and collecting firewood. Not many people can say that they enjoyed a relaxing holiday, but also got plenty of exercise whilst they were at it! (Exercise boosts your metabolism, which is an added bonus)

Vitamin DVitamin D from the sunshine

Spending enough time in the sun can be really beneficial for your health as well. Not only will you feel better already with the release of endorphins throughout your system. And the vitamin D helps your body with the absorption of nutrients. (That and you’ll get a beautiful tan out of it as well!)

Sleep soundly

A combination of the exercise, and the fresh air will result in restful sleep when it comes to getting your head down. You will instantly feel a weight of stress leave your mind and body, as you get all of the rest that you’ve been so desperately in need of.

saladHealthy food

Camping also gives you an awesome opportunity to eat delicious and healthy food. Here are some awesome recipes that you might want to try when you’re out in the sticks.

Disconnect from the world and reunite with the earth

Switch off your mobile phones and get off the internet! Camping gives you a unique opportunity to really cleanse your mind and get away from all of the madness. This will be an instant stress relief for you, with no more blue lights energise you of an evening. Just pure, natural beauty and relaxation.

Spend quality time with your family and friends

Camping is the best way to connect with your loved ones, and to actually spend time with them. Today, we’re always in the same room as people, though are rarely connecting with them as we’ll be on our phones all of the time. This is not good!

Save money to invest in things you love

You’d be surprised by how affordable camping actually is! In fact, one of the greatest benefits of camping is that you can take part in this awesome pass-time without breaking the bank. Most of the gear can be borrowed from friends, and there are plenty of awesome websites which offer budget and second hand equipment for sale.

Paul Alana

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