Things to make country life a little easier


Many of us dream of living a life in the country. The thought of getting close to nature again and living a far more natural way of life then they currently do trapped in the smoky, choking and stressful environment of the inner city where alot of people choose to live these days.  A lot of the reason why people choose to live in the inner city because of their work and career aspirations and also be3cause many of the things that a burgeoning family needs like easy access to school, nursery programs and universities and also gives them more of a chance to socialize with their friends using public transport. There are also a great many other reasons people choose to live in the city like easy access to utilities and stores but it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you and your family can live a far more naturalized and quieter life away from all of these stresses and struggles that you face in the city? After all there has to be something more to life than exhaust fumes and slaving away to not enjoy the time you have when you are not working in an environment that not only stresses you out but is also bad for your health. But there are things that are also not as advantageous as living in the city, so let’s take a look at a few things you can do to make your new life a little easier.




Now as you are probably aware, things out in the country are a little bit more rugged and rural setting and the chances are you will come across your own scrapes, bumps and hiccups on the roads themselves as you adjust to this new environment and driving style. However, most people in the country are not in favor of small, less powerful and ultimately, less capable to move you through mud vehicles that most cars will come up against out in the sticks in favor of larger, wider and more hardy kinds of vehicles like trucks or 4×4’s to keep them on the road and in the safest possible condition throughout your journey. And the chances are that for either practical or for more recreational purposes, you will want to join the 4×4 club to ensure that you can keep moving and keep yourself and your family safe.

One of the great things about 4×4’s is their flexibility. They are often encouraged to be customized and personalized with all kinds of optional extras and accessories. These can range from a humble bull bar or roof rack to more elaborate and all-encompassing accessories like this 4wd and 4×4 drawer system which is designed to increase the storage capacity of your vehicle around 4 times. Whatever the accessory, just keep in mind that there’s no point having one if it doesn’t actively assist you in something you are, or plan on doing. For example, there’s no point in getting a great speaker system installed in your car if you listen to talk radio through longer car trips.




If you have lived in the city for most of your life then the most difficult thing for you initially will be locating and using all of the various services and utilities that you will ultimately need to go about your day to day business.  However out in the countryside due to the large amounts of space between different towns this can create a problem from somebody living on the outskirts. Things are also notoriously poorly signposted and can make locating these stores and services difficult. So it’s important that you and your family get orientated to what is in your local area and how to get there.

If you have children in your family a good way for them to get to various places like school and places to socialize with their friends would be for them to learn the local rural bus routes which will usually terminate in a town or other built up area. They are pretty inexpensive and frequent which make them ideal for your kid’s day to day needs. If you are driving things are slightly easier due to things like GPS and Satnav’s, however after making these trips a few times you will find that you won’t have a problem in finding these places the same as living anywhere else.

Paul Alana

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