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How to prepare for dental surgery


smileIt’s pretty safe to say that nobody is exactly going to relish needing to have surgery. The thought of somebody performing an invasive medical procedure of any kind is naturally going to make you slightly apprehensive and if your dentist is sympathetic, they should help you to suppress some of these fears and appropriately prepare you for the task at hand. However, here are a few helpful suggestions of things that you can do to prepare yourself and make your dentist’s job a little easier.


Ask your Dentist!

How else is going to have better information on your surgery than the person performing it? Before you have the procedure make sdentistyure you sit down with your dentist and discuss your fears, more often than not he will be able to reassure you of any unfounded worries you might have. They should also before your surgery talk you through exactly what they will be doing during the procedure, exactly why they are doing it and what it will achieve and any potential risks associated. All of these things can help you relax about the work that’s about to be done.

Don’t eat

Due to the potential use of anesthetic in your procedure, it is recommended that you don’t eat anything after midnight the night before an operation. This will prevent a rare complication from being placed under anesthetic called aspiration, in which your lungs are filled with the contents of your stomach. Also, an additional reason is even if your procedure itself doesn’t involve you being placed completely under, on the rare chance there is a complication or underlying problem that the performing dentist was not aware of initially, You could be placed under anesthetic in an emergency situation. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Phone a friend

It is imperative that when you have any kind of dental surgery you under absolutely no circumstances transport yourself home. During most dental procedures a number of painkillers and topical anesthesia will be used, many of these more powerful forms of pain management will leave you completely incapable of operating machinery or vehicles. In some cases, dentists have been known to confiscate car keys from untrustworthy patients. Make sure you have a friend, family member or a taxi (who has been told where you are going in advance, you might struggle to think clearly when giving instructions) waiting for you when your procedure is completed.

So hopefully if you ever find yourself on the receiving end of the dentist’s drill, you will remember this advice and take the appropriate action before, during and after your procedure to ensure that not only you are comfortable, but also that you have a dentist like Martin Dentist Dentures that is confident to work on you.


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