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Things to Consider Before Remodeling or Renovating Your Bathroom


Remodeling or renovating your bathroom soon? Well, there are things to consider before you are ready to give the go ahead. Whether you have a small or large bathroom, functionality should be the core of your remodeling plan. How to do that? That’s what we will cover in this article. We will be listing down the things to consider before remodeling or renovating your bathroom.


PlumbingPlumbing Issues

Most residential plumbing uses a 1.5inch pipes for their drainage system. Do check if you are able to get it to a larger pipe. Imagine the number of hair and other waste materials are going down these drains. A larger pipe means that there will be a lesser chance to get those drains clogged.

Additionally, do remember that the plumbing system should be finalized even for the future. If one day you would like to change the position of the plumbing system, it will not only take a long period of time but also it will most likely incur an expensive bill.


Do You Really Need a Tub?

Think about it, how many times will you be using the bathtub in a month? Do you really need that tub? Do remember that a bathtub not only take up space but also can accumulate many germs and dusts if neglected. Don’t bother getting a tub if you are thinking of making it more attractive for future buyers. You can’t really predict what your future buyer prefer and a tub probably will not make much difference. However, if you really decide to get a bathtub for your bathrooms, get it.


Shower FloorsShower Floors

The materials used for your shower floors should be well thought out. Smaller tiles should be used rather than using larger tiles especially when they are not textured. Smaller tiles, textured or not, should be preferred than larger tiles as they provide the friction needed during your shower.



Windows should be introduced in the bathroom to allow natural light to shine in, making it much fresher. However, remember to use frosted glass to provided privacy and if you can, choose one that can be opened for fresh air. A window will not only provide natural light and fresh air into the bathrooms but also encourage air flow and a sleek new look for the whole bathroom.


Choosing the Right Bathroom Renovation Contractors

Now that you got your plan, it is down to choosing the right bathroom renovation contractors to carry out the plan. It is important to engage the right bathroom renovation contractor to carry out your plan if not your no matter how well planned it is, it will not seem right.

Make sure that the bathroom renovation contractor has the proper equipment and proper contacts to carry out the job. Make sure that they are experienced in their work and look out for reviews of their past clients. It will also be good to check out their past works to see if their job is to your liking. Talk to them and ensure that they can convince you that they are able to carry out your plan without any problems.

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