How to Keep your Factory Clean and Smooth-Running


Factory is a constantly operating place where producing income-generating products. No matter how many workers there are in your factory, you will encounter equipment breakdown and uncleanliness at some point. It is often more difficult to solve if your factory contains hundreds of workers. Therefore, having a detailed strategy for keeping your factory clean and smooth-running is a crucial key for preparation prior to emergency.

Unclean and disorganized environment not only makes workers sloppy, but also beats their work morale and efficiency. Moreover they are more likely to make mistakes, which is the last thing a factory owner wants.

Here are listed several things you can undertake to make sure your factory is clean and smooth-running.

# Make sure the Floor is Clean

First thing is to keep the floor clean and dry in a factory. Wet and slippery floor could cause employees’ fall to the ground which leads to injury. Cleaning up the dust and debris can prevent health and safety hazards. To make sure of that, a simple sweep does the job.


clean# Use High-Pressure Cleanser 

When it comes to big cleaning jobs like concrete floor and big machines, a high-pressure cleanser becomes very handy, and it can help get rid of the stains and grime. Keep in mind that the floor and machines are dry before turning them on to avoid machine operation accident. You can consider purchasing high-pressure cleansers for sale, and it can help you save some cash for other operation expenses.


Maintenance-Plan# Make a Maintenance Plan

It is very important to make a maintenance plan that fits specifically to different machinery. A maintenance plan usually includes scheduled cleanup and periodic troubleshooting. Having a maintenance plan helps you prevent hazards and identify issues as soon as it happens.


# Hire Maintenance Staff

If you want to make things easier, hiring maintenance staff is a great way to retain factory routine cleanup. Maintenance staff include in-house cleaning staff and workers who do regular machineries checkups. Having an available maintenance team that helps you keep the bathrooms and other room clean and deal with the problems you encounter with machineries.


# Store Everything Properly

An easy way to deal with factory running issues is to have everything you need for daily operation and emergency in order. This is one of the steps to ensure your factory runs smoothly, and enables you to eliminate problems as soon as possible.


# Make Activity Logs

Document all maintenance activities that take place in a factory including cleaning jobs, machinery breakdown and maintenance actions. It helps you keep track of what has been done and what is happening, and determine your next step. Make this a long-term continuous job where there is one person who takes care of it.

You do expect machineries breakdown and other issues overtime when you run a factory, however, it is a smart business move to keep your factory clean and organized so it can run smoothly and productively.


Paul Alana

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