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Things to consider when booking a fishing charter


Things to consider when booking a fishing charter

fishingFishing is probably one of the oldest forms of sustenance in human history. Every day people used to put their health and indeed their lives on the line to provide food for their family’s on long, often dangerous trips with no hope of rescue should something go awry on the open seas. Fortunately these days recreational  fishing is not fishing for sustenance but more for the sport and enjoyment of battling mother nature herself in a contest of man vs. beast and with the advances made in fishing, sailing and logistics its never been a safer hobby than now. So here’s a few things to consider when choosing a fishing charter to handle your trip!

Hook line and sinker… literally.

When choosing which of the many fishing charters your likely to encounter in the area your looking to fish, one of the most important things to ask is what is the best gear to use for the kind o0f fish available, and make sure to find out about the local laws, best practices and techniques to attract a bite! Just make sure you ask before you pay!

Blood and guts or freedom and fun?

Different charters have different rules regarding what you are supposed to do with your catch after you’ve hauled it up from the briney depths of the ocean. Some boats require you to release the animal back into the waters. Others will have a strict kill everything as they will later sell it on. And some boats allow you to keep whatever you catch and let you decide. It is important to find this out, again, before you book the charter. If you were planning on cooking up a feast with your haul then you will be sorley disappointed if the charter rules state you must release all fish caught.

Short notice = short service.

In general its best advised to avoid boat charters that are available in mid-season on a Saturday afternoon. If they haven’t had a booking by then, there’s usually a reason. Whether it be bad service, poor captain knowledge or poor safety standards you don’t want the last boat that everybody else has turned down.

Don’t buy boats, buy captains!

Don’t book a charter based on how shiny and new their boat is. It doesn’t matter if your fishing on the latest super yacht if your captain doesn’t know a hook from a rig then its not of much use to you. When booking look to speak to the captain, ask him questions. Like, how long have you been fishing in this area? What kind of fish are most common? What is the best location to find (insert  kind of fish) around here?

Booking a fishing charter with a company has never been safer in terms of you physical safety, however when it comes to it you want to give yourself the best possible chance of catching those fish, and the best way to do that is to research the company you plan on using.


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