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Dance the night away, but how?


We’ve all been there, that awkward moment at the nightclub or concert of our youth, the moment when that person you’ve been noticing all night wants to dance, and all you feel like your doing is desperately trying to jerk your body in time to the music with no sense of direction but a huge sense of shame and embarrassment. Luckily what was taught can be untaught by taking a few adventurous dance classes. You may be asking yourself, “But there are so many styles to choose from, which one is best for me?” Well, why don’t we take a look at some of the options available?

Latin Dance (Spain, Central and South America)
Everybody’s heard of Salsa or the Cha-Cha before. The wild, face paced and strikingly passionate movements of Latin dance has secured it in the hearts of many a dance aficionado. From a learners standpoints, forms of latin dance classes are widely available and most will cater for all abilitys and ages. If you like to make a statement on the dance floor then maybe try taking a tango class or two.


Street Dance (USA)

Extremely popular right now, Street Dance is a good choice for those who are into the hottest chart topping music, for those who want to step up and be noticed on the dance floor. Generally aimed towards younger people and more physically able people as sometimes the dance moves not only require an appreciation of mainstream music but also a degree of rapid movements and steps requiring great physical agility to master as the music is often timed directly with the beat of the music which can also be extremely face paced. However more practical classes do exist

Street Dance

Breakdancing (USA)

Contrary to popular belief, Breakdancing is actually a completely different art form (and indeed culture) to the aforementioned Street Dance. Street Dance is a primarily a performance piece, designed to look impressive when timed with most  modern, mainstream music. However Breakdance is almost exclusively practiced when listening, and aspects of breakdanceing like poppin’ and lockin’ are designed to be easy to remember, and organic looking to the steady beats of hip-hop. Again serious breakdance classes are generally geared toward the younger generation and really only recommended for those with a massive appreciation for hip-hop, particularly the old-school style.


Ballroom Dancing (Europe)

Ballroom dancing is certainly up therwe in terms of exposure. With the advent of dancing based reality shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and Dancving with the stars, this smooth and fluid form of dancing has become a staple of dance studios around the world. People are often drawn to this style by the apparel you will wear. Long flowing ballroom dresses and sharp looking black suits when combined with the graceful motions of a dance such as the Waltz or Foxtrot will have you feeling like the Lord or Lady of the manor. However, it is primarily aimed at competition goers and enthusiasts, or hobby goers. Its practical uses in social occasions are rather limited unless you happen to be socializing at an ambassador’s party’s at the Ritz.

Ballroom Dancing

So get out there and hit the tiles, anybody requiring further advice should take a look at dance lessons.

Paul Alana

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