5 reasons why you should install a shower screen


When renovating your bathroom, the choice of whether to replace your shower curtain with a glass shower screen may seem trivial, but in reality this seemingly small facet of design can ultimately have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your new bathroom. So here’s 5 reasons you should consider installing a shower screen over a new curtain.


  1. Saving space for a minimalist feel

A glass shower screen, rather than splitting your bathroom off at the shower as a curtain does, a shower screen can be made to be as short as ¾ of a meter and due to its transparency actually extends the space making it appear significantly larger. This can also be complimented with a matching floor tile set.

  1. Unbroken and sleek flooring.

As briefly mentioned above if a sleek and minimalist design was what you were looking for then a shower screen is something you should seriously consider as you can make a smooth and unbroken floor with the same tile set, with a sill-less shower basing for a striking, uninterrupted minimalist feel.

  1. Options for wet room installation.

If you love that high class, smooth and sleek design of a combined shower bath wet room, or may consider getting one installed in the future, then you may wnt to look at using a simple shower screen to create the partitioning “wall”, not only saving you money but also lead  to a very elegant modern look.

      4. Longivity

Shower curtains get stained and ripped frequently, they also can be accidentally pulled from the rail sometimes bring down the entire rail. With a shower screen the maintenance and replacement costs asscociated with having a curtain is completely shower screeneliminated. They are also significantly easier to clean as with the curtain you must remove the curtain hooks individually, whereas cleaning a shower screen can be as easy as mixing laundry detergent with water and applying to the glass.

  1. More styles than ever!

It used to be the case that choosing a shower screen meant having a transparent or slightly frosted piece of glass. No more! There are a countless number of imaginative designs available for your renovator to apply to the glass after its installation. Wether you want to be transported to a tropical beach or a calm forest stream, there are a number of companies offering off the shelf screen covers that are relatively pain free to install.

Really when you opt for a shower screen, what you are choosing is not only permanency, but also you are telling people what you appreciate when it comes to bathroom design. If you want a modern, sleek and minimalist design that is easy to maintain, then a shower screen could be the solution.

I hope this will help you make the right decision for your bathroom, please view this website for further information about shower screens.