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5 Advantages of Tinted Windows for Homes

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Most cars manufacturers apply tinted windows on cars for its privacy, blocked UV rays and reduced glare, which promises more safety and of course, healthy for drivers.

Home tinted windows are not as popular and widely used as car tinted windows, however, home window tinting is getting more and more popular these days.

There are wide-ranging benefits of tinted windows that you might want to consider getting your windows tinted at home if you continue reading what I have to say below.

While, personally, I prefer window blinds and curtains than window tinting when it comes to home living, the advantages of window tinting can’t be neglected considering the benefits it offers to us.

1.   Reduce Heat and Save Money

Reduce HeatDirect sun lights can bring lots of heat if it shines straight into your home space. If your home is uncomfortably hot during summer, you will want to have the air-conditioning running all the time. Actually, window tinting can save your electricity bill up to 50% by reducing the heat coming into your home space, which allows you to have a more comfortable and enjoyable space.


2.   Protect Your Furniture and Flooring

furnitureOver-time exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light is one of the main reason of culprits of fading on your furniture, moreover, it damages your flooring. In this case, you can block up to 99% of the ultraviolet rays of the sun by purchasing and applying existing window film in the marketing onto your window.


3.   Block Ultraviolet Light Harm to Health

As we all know, ultraviolet light is one of the leading risky factors of skin cancer. Therefore, it has a negative effect on your health. There are several types of window films recommended that can prevent sun induced skin impurities.


4.   Offer Privacy

Tinted window allows you more wanted privacy especially if you like having a huge ground glass window when you live right on a busy street. Same goes for commercial window tinting for your office space. Prefer glass-wall office but want to keep privacy? Tinted glass is your best option.


5.   Reduce Glare on Computer and TV Screens

Wouldn’t it be annoying when the glare of TV is blocking your vision for your favorite team’s football match? It would also lower your work efficiency as well as your morale when you have to deal with glare on your computer screen when you try to finish your work on a Friday afternoon so you can start your weekend. Moreover, it harms your eyes by looking at glare directly.

Another huge benefit that window tinting offers is that it reduces the glare on your computer and TV screens while not blocks natural light.

One more thing you do need to pay more attention to is that you should determine different window film depend on seasons. The film that lets in natural light and keeps out the heat is not as beneficial as the ones that are great for winter on the way of heat maintenance.

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