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3 Ways to Make Your Home Classier

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Have you ever stumble upon someone’s house and at the very moment you went into the house you felt a surge of homeliness and the first thought that came across your mind is “WOW, this house is amazing”?

In this article we will discuss three significant ways that will make your home classier. This can be useful for people who are currently planning for their new home and also for people who are thinking of renovating their home.

Many people think that their home is just a place to sleep and live in considering the amount of time spent outside of their house. Think about it, I myself for one only spend time at home during the weekends and less than 10 hours on each weekday. Most of my time is spent outside, working in the office or going out for meals.

However, studies show that a beautiful and comfortable home will increase your mood as well as decreasing the likelihood of depression. This makes another excuse of trying to convince your partner to support your renovation plan.

So how do I actually make my home classier and more comfortable? There are three primary ways:


1. Selecting the Color Theme

choose colorChoosing the color theme of your home is very important. In fact, it is the first step to building or renovating your new home. Select a color palette of around 2 to 3 main colors and another 3 to 4 complimentary colors which is a shade lighter or darker from the main colors. Do stay away from harsh colors unless there are a reason for it. Harsher colors make you feel less comfortable. For example, a room with the walls painted bright red will only make the occupants feel stressful.


2. Matching your Furniture with the Color Theme

furnitureThe next step is to match your furniture with the selected color theme. Choosing wrong colored furniture will not only disrupt the whole ambience of the house but also make it less attractive and elegant. It is important to match your furniture with the color of your wall to ensure that there is a perfect blend of colors. Again, avoid using too much harsh colored furniture. Just avoid making it less attractive, please.


3. Simple is Good

Simple is good, complicated design will only make things messy and more susceptible to flaws. Keep things simple, you are building a home not a warehouse. Just make sure to get all the necessity and some decorative items. Avoid posters of celebrity and hobby and only use posters that will make your home more elegant. Avoid items that are emblazoned with brand names and lastly use novelty items sparingly.


Now, you are all set to build and renovate your new home! Good luck and remember to share this article with your family and friends if you find it useful!

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