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6 Tips to get the best Antenna TV Reception


When “Antenna TV” comes to me, all it reminds me is my childhood times when we were suffering from poor antenna reception, and we had to move the antenna to another position to receive the signal for one specific channel, but then once we moved it some other channels might not work again.

New technologies come out daily nowadays, which allows Netflix leads its skyrocketing trend across the globe, moreover more and more people start to stream all sources of information on their personal computer.

Some say antenna TV has become outdated and inconvenient, others say “something free never becomes outdated”. Yes, you can stream the TV channels that you like with your families for a relaxation time at nights just with an antenna installation, but nowadays there is a thing called HDMI connection which you can connects your TV with your computer, and this enables you to do everything on a bigger screen.

Personally, I have stopped watching TV for years and been using my PC for everything. However, I believe antenna TV is still widely used in many parts of the world for its wide-ranging advantages including out-of-market channels.

It is not hard to get a good antenna reception with a little patience and research.

Here are 6 tips to boost antenna receptions for you to enjoy your favorite TV channels without worry on a budget.


1.    Location, Location, Location

Antenna TV ReceptionLocation is a crucial key for your worry-free antenna TV entertainment experience. You can move your antenna around and test which location gives you the best signal. Usually, an outdoor antenna works better than an indoor antenna, so locations near a window or door would be a great advantage to get a good reception.


2.    Go Higher

The higher you go, the better signal you get. Try to place your antenna as high as you can. Placing it on the roof promises you the best signal. However, the further the antenna is to your TV, the longer cable you need, which can affect the quality of the signal. So it is a good idea to weigh both factors and try to get the best result.


3.    Get a Better Cable

A better quality cable will definitely allow you a better result in reception then an old outdated one.


4.    Buy an Amplifier

An amplifier can be disadvantageous if you live close to transmitter, but it can also do the opposite by strengthening and boosting the signal to pull in more distant channels. Your best bet is to only add an amplifier if your results are not so great when you try to scanning all channels.


5.    Away From Interference

no signalTry to avoid anything that hinders or blocks the way for the waves to get to your antenna from the transmitter tower, such as a tree, a tall building and a mountain, all of these can have an adverse effect on your reception.


6.    Face it to a Nearest Transmitter Tower

Another way to improve your quality of antenna reception is to face your antenna to the direction of your nearest transmitter tower if you know where a transmitter is in your area. If you don’t, Google is your best friend whom you can find out everything from.


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