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Writing a winning LinkedIn profile is an art, but of course it is also a science. LinkedIn is a social platform with over 400 million users for professionals to network and connect with other professionals. Not only can you broaden your professional network on LinkedIn but it can also secure you a better job opportunity or get you an interview while you are hot and heavy for a new job as soon as possible. Getting your profile seen far and wide allows you a potential opportunity by landing near the top of recruiter’s search results. However, there are millions of LinkedIn profiles out there, and you are just one fish in the ocean. How do you get your profile seen widely? Here, I have outlined 4 scientifically proven ways to get more views for your LinkedIn profile. Time to shrug off your modesty.


1.    Throw That Selfie Stick Away

Selfie sticks are for tourists. You don’t need it for professional any purpose. Your profile picture is extremely important, as the first impression is made when other people see your profile. Therefore having a professional looking profile photo is a great and effective way to show that you are professional and trustworthy, and you take your working career seriously. Don’t use a selfie stick to take your profile pictures anymore, instead you can consider getting professional photographers to get your corporate headshots done. If you don’t want to invest in getting professional photographs taken, make sure you use a smartphone with a good quality camera in a well-lit room to snap a picture of your own portrait.


2.    Write a Summary

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I know, I know, writing a summary about yourself is like bragging about yourself. However, even a 40 word of summary can give you 7 times more views than those profiles without a summary. Try not to copy and paste part of your CV to fill your summary blank. The summary section is a great space whereby you can make an interesting and fun impression about yourself. Throw in some precious stories or experiences, and that way you won’t come across as a desperate job seeker.


3.    Brag!

You’ve got to brag about your skills and list them on your profile! That will ensure you 13 times more profile views than those ones who don’t have skills listed on their profiles. I believe many people are just like me, we don’t like to brag and show off about ourselves, so highlighting our skills is like showing our employment validity. However, on LinkedIn, it is very important and helpful to get seen by recruiters by listing as much detail as possible regarding your skills.



4.    Update Regularly

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Everyone in your circle sees your status when you update. This is a great way to higher the exposure of yourself. Many people stop being active after they have found a job, and the profile goes dead. Commit yourself to posting once a week. Either a status update or creating useful content via blog posts would help you gain exposure from recruiters ten times more than average when you post at least once a week than those who don’t.

Paul Alana

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