5 Ways to Reward Your Employees


In an ideal world, the relationship between employees and their jobs is happy and fulfilling. However, in real world it is not usually the case, many employees don’t feel involved and valued in the company they work for, which leads to less productivity and lower efficiency. Every hardworking employee deserves to feel valued by their employer, but in reality many employers keep their mouth closed when it comes to a simple “good job” to their employees. A simple complement “good job” “well done” from an employer usually means more than just a few words, it is a validation from the company. The validation can boost work morale and improve company culture. Appreciate what your employees have done for you, reward them. You can start what I have written below.


1. Don’t Hold Back Your Complement

A complement doesn’t cost you a dime but could mean so much to your employees. It is a way to show them you care and appreciate what they have done, and a way that helps everyone to connect better and deeper. Imagine the smile on your employee’s face when you privately deliver a thank you note, and that could easily make his/her day better. Having a conversation detailing and highlighting an employee’s efforts will also help improve their work engagement. Try to avoid generic emails or genera praise cards, because they could feel like an obligation other than recognition. Using something personal like hand-written notes can make they feel they are really appreciated.


2. Hold Meetings about the Best Employees Every Week

EmployeesI have heard in some multimillion dollar companies the executives hold a management meeting where every supervisor have to give a few examples of employees whose work was exceptional that week. In the beginning, everybody felt uncomfortable and forced and even a little cheesy, but after a while they embraced and grew to appreciate it and love it. Because it shows that employees’ hard work is being recognized and encourage the rest to work harder.


3. Give them Authority

Pass some authority on to an employee with leader skills. In other words, give them extra responsibilities over some tasks and let them take full control and make their own judgment without your involvement. When being imposed more responsibilities, it gives them a sense of validation, and shows them that you trust their skills, judgment and abilities.


4. Small Events

It is a good idea to throw a little celebration every a few weeks. The event can celebrate anything, an employee’s birthday, company anniversaries, or just a reward event that recognize and praise the best employees. You can give trophy as a gift to your best employees, and they will even appreciate your effort more if you go to a trophy shop and get a customised trophy with your employee’s name on it.


5. Gift CardsGift-Card

Little gift cards of a café that your employees love, a local sandwich shop are perfect for praising your employees and celebrating. 5 dollars here and there won’t lead to a company bankrupt. When giving away gift cards, a little creative way you can do it is to write a note saying “I owe you a cup of coffee for all the hard work you did.”


Paul Alana

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