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What to look for when hiring a DJ


headphonesWhether it’s for a birthday party, a awards event for your company or even for the biggest day of your life, your wedding, your going to need somebody to coordinate the music and other entertainment for the day. After all who doesn’t want to dance at a wedding? However at the time of writing the DJ market is over-saturated and it can be hard to choose a standout DJ in this crowd, so here are a few tips to assist with the process of actually selecting which DJ to go for.


DJ or Live Band?

The first thing that you have to ask is do you want a DJ or would a live band be more suitable? When it comes to the practicalities, while having a live band provides an incredible experience and a more prestigious, organic feel, they are also substantially more expensive. Often with equipment delivery and setup being charged also. There is also the impracticality of having to deal with multiple people as opposed to just one, so cohesion in this regard can become more difficult. Conversely a DJ while the sound may be more artificial, they are far more versatile than a live band operating with instruments and are able to play a wider variety of music and can be just as effective at getting the crowd excited. Ultimately it comes down to budget and what  kind of atmosphere you are looking to create.

Style and playlist

A good DJ will bend over backwards to consult with you about what kind of music you want played and any individual songs that you DJwant played at your event. Also make sure that your DJ is aware of any special elements of the occasion, for example at a company award ceremony they are going to have to know how many awards are being handed out, what music you want played when they are receiving the award and how long their speech is too last amongst a whole host of additional information that they require to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. If you think DJ hire is the way you are going to go make sure you get someone that has a good reputation in your area, you can check their company review in Google


It’s important to find out exactly what equipment your DJ can provide for you and what you will have to source elsewhere, ideally, a good DJ would be able to work with whatever he can’t provide and should be aware of how to connect a system and to ensure good sound quality without being too loud or muffled sounding. They should also be bringing some amount of backup equipment in the event that something should go wrong or fail, they should be able to explain any additional fee that the equipment will incur and also reliable suppliers of the equipment they are unable to provide.

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