Top skills you absolutely need to become a professional translator 


Becoming a professional translator is no easy task. It is an interesting subject to consider because there are no standard qualifications for becoming a professional translator unlike being an Engineer, Marketer or an IT developer.  


This blog is predominantly for people who are interested in this specific career path and people who are interested in knowing what this profession entails.  


Firstly, let’s start with why we need professional translators.  


Professional translators requires a very particular set of skills. Skills that have been acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them perfect for people like you who require translation services. If you need legal document translation services, they should be the first people you turn to.  


You are now probably aware that I am a Taken fan.  


Let’s carry on, shall we?  


The reason why we need professional translators is because most of the time, we cannot read or understand the documents in another language. In most cases, we ask our friends or relatives who know the language to help us, but in some cases, we require the help of a professional.  


These situations include when you’re trying to handle legal documents in a different country. Handling legal documents in a different country and language is a sensitive subject. It is extremely important that you get these things correct. 


If there is even a slight possibility of non clarity, you run the risk of breaking the laws (unknowingly) and potentially losing your case and money as a result. This is one of the reasons why many global organisations use professional translation services to translate important documents between languages.  


After knowing why we need professional translation services, let’s cover what skills you need to have before you can become a professional translator.  


Two Languages 


This is definitely an obvious one. What you need in order to become a professional translator is the ability to speak and write in another language fluently. It is a skill that’s definitely desired by many.  


Logical Thinking 


Logical thinking ability is an important skill to have. You must understand and interpret what the intended meanings are and then translate that correctly. There are also many cases where the document requires some logical thinking to completely understand its intended meaning. 


Wide vocabulary 


Having a wide vocabulary is another good skill to have when it comes to becoming a professional translator. This is critical because they will encounter a wide variety of words that are unique.  




Last but not least is speed. Being speedy with writing and interpreting whilst maintaining quality is important for professional translators. Having the right speed allows for better efficiency and provides a faster turnaround time. 


Some clients require difficult documents to be translated within tight deadlines so it is important that you have the sufficient translating speed to keep up with the demand.  


Overall, these are some of the quick tips as to how you can become a professional translator. You can quickly sign up to one of the freelance service providers such as upwork to get started with becoming a translator. However, if you’re looking for translation services, make sure you use authoritative providers as opposed to freelancers.  

Paul Alana

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