Top 3 Places to Go for Wine in New Zealand

New Zealand

Personally, I lived in New Zealand for several years so I think I am totally qualified and eligible to tell you how amazingly stunning and beautiful New Zealand is. When I tell people I had been living in New Zealand, they often respond that in their impression New Zealand is a remote and isolated island, where there are 10 times more sheep than population of the whole country.

A weekend road trip, a long hike up in between the mountains, a weekend winery trip, a refreshing swim in the ocean and a tanning day on beach during hot sunny summer days are the must-dos for New Zealand residents, and all these activities possess its own KIWI flavor that you don’t get from anywhere else in the world even if you do the same thing.

New Zealand is famous for its untouched nature landscapes, and a paradise location for food and wine lovers.

Don’t miss out on these 3 world-class places if you are coming to New Zealand for the award-winning wine.

1. Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s-BayHawke’s Bay is New Zealand’s second largest wine region. Not only has this sunny place an ideal climate for fruit-growing, but also a place regarded as the “food bowl” of New Zealand.

Hawke’s Bay’s developed wine tourism has come a long way since its origin at 1851. This region enjoys an international reputation for producing some of the best red, white wines across New Zealand.

You can fly in Napier which is the main city in Hawke’ Bay region, and then take a road trip down to the peaceful winery villages along with stunning and incredible views of New Zealand countryside–something memorable for the rest of your life. You can choose to stay in this luxury hotel in Havelock North where not only is amazing Hawke’s Bay wine produced but also there are many other activities you can undertake such as bike rides and garden spa.


2. Waiheke Island

Waiheke IslandBeing selected as one of the places you must visit in the world at 2016 on TripAdvisor, Waiheke Island has a significant reputation for its soft white sand beach and world-class vineyard, which is only a 35-minute convenient ferry ride from Downtown Auckland which is the biggest city in New Zealand.

On the island, not only can you see impressive Auckland city view regardless what activity you take, but also you can enjoy the fresh clean air and warm sunny day to the fullest.


3. Central Otago

Central Otago becomes the most wine scenic region due to its different soil structures, and it is also the world’s southern-most commercial wine growing region. One of the best wines Pinot Noir is produced in this region.

Queenstown, New Zealand’s world-famous tourist attractions, is at the centre of the region surrounded by the snow-capped Southern Alps. This destination has been hit by quite a few earthquakes over the decades, and that established fascinating landscapes in this region. Queenstown offers a wide range of exciting activities including bungee jumping, paraponting, base jumping, jet boating and white water rafting.


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